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Breakthrough Coaching Services

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  • 1.5 Hour Initial Coaching Intensive

  • Detailed Visioning Assessment Questionnaire

The Clarity Breakthrough Intensive session will give you the chance to explore your dreams, visions and hopes for your new life so you can find out firsthand what it is like to walk away with clarity and confidence on any issue you bring to the table. This power-packed session is highly impactful on its own, regardless of whether you choose ongoing coaching afterward. This Clarity Breakthrough session is an easy way to empower your life RIGHT NOW.



  • 60 Minute Session

Prerequisite: Clarity Breakthrough Intensive​

If you feel like your breakthrough from the Clarity Intensive session only needs some light support, then feel free to schedule individual "add on" sessions whenever you wish. This option is fabulous if you feel like you are on track emotionally, but you need insight to refocus and recharge while we discuss the smaller challenges that arise in your life. This option works best for empowerment, clarity, and confidence on minor issues. (Please check out my 6-month package for amazing discounts and deeper breakthrough support.)

$149 per hour

6-Month Transformation Coaching Package

  • 1.5 Hour Initial Coaching Intensive

  • Detailed Visioning Assessment Questionnaire

  • 1 Hour Breakthrough Coaching Session (Months 2-6)

The 6-Month Transformation Coaching Package allows you to focus on multiple goals, or one large goal, where we will laser in on breakthroughs that catapult you forward. You will gain clarity around what you truly want & why. We will address and transcend the emotional resistance & blockages that are holding you back in each area of your life so you can use proven shortcut to reach your goals faster. We will also layout an action and accountability plan for your after each session to keep your momentum soaring, your heart singing and your success flowing. Without consistent focus and a skilled accountability partner, it is easy to break your commitment to change.


Buy 5 Breakthrough Sessions & Get One Free!

The 6-Month Transformation Coaching Package also includes unlimited emails and one 15-minute S.O.S session per month. This is for
those individuals truly determined to

Live Life Like you Mean It!



I am excited to hear from you and look forward to, as Henry David Thoreau once said help you to “go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you imagined….” a life beyond your grief and loss, and into a life of revelation! 

**All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, or via Zoom.

I am not a licensed grief counselor, grief therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you are at any stage in your grief process whereby your grief is overwhelming, rather than grief and loss coaching, and you feel so compelled, I recommend that you seek the guidance of a professional at that time. However, as you move beyond the acute stages and into the more “subtle” stages of your grief, and you’re feeling stuck, fearful, or unsure about how to navigate the road ahead, THAT is the perfect time to engage a life coach. 



“Karen is a first-rate mindset coach that uses world-renowned coaching strategies to help individuals laser in on the emotional blocks that hold them back from the inner peace, happiness, and success that they desire and deserve. In addition to her general coaching practice, Karen’s personal insights and spiritual transformations through the grief process is invaluable for anyone feeling stuck after the loss of a loved one. No matter what subject Karen coaches you on, she will guide you through a proven process to figure out who you are, what you want, why you don’t have it, and how to create gentle change in your life so you can get it. She is an extraordinary coach, an incredible human being, and a beacon of spiritual power. You can count yourself lucky if you get the chance to work with her.”

–Cheryl Bartlett 

“Karen brought a warmth and wisdom to her coaching sessions. As I unpacked my struggles to try to gain some clarity, I was soon guided by her thoughtful questions and reflections that helped me see all of the wealth of options I had before me. Her warmth and guidance helped me feel very inspired and supported. Karen is a tremendous guiding light to those who seek her coaching and support. Clarity, support, and guidance are her gifts and her services are greatly needed in today’s world!”

–Cybele Antono

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