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Karen Trench

Author, Life Coach, Podcaster

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“As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.” –Rumi

In the mid ‘80s and early ‘90s, I enjoyed a successful career in the then burgeoning cable television industry. One day, in 1992, as I was returning to my office after lunch, I literally ran into the man who would be my soulmate and best friend for 23 years. I and my beloved husband, Charlie, lived a blissful, loving life in a beautiful, hand-hewn log cabin at 9,000 in the Colorado Rockies. 

But then, on April 6, 2015, Charlie took his own life. I was shocked. In an instant, my life as I knew it had been shattered into a million little pieces. I could not have conceived then that I would ever be capable or even desirous of picking up those pieces, let alone emerging from the wreckage a strong, happy, and emotionally empowered woman. I share my story of loss in my award-winning book, Love Loss Light-Illuminating the Path Through Grief with the fervent prayer that it may be of service to my fellow travelers in grief. 

Today, as a Grief and Loss Life Coach*, I specialize in helping people like you transcend their losses to find deeper meaning, greater purpose, and abundant joy again in their lives. I possess a deep and intimate “knowing” that a loss of any kind causes grief and suffering and that all grief and suffering must be honored—and that each person’s grief journey is their OWN, unique journey. No two people grieve the same way. No one heals in the same way. And there is no timeline to our grief. It is not linear but instead, a fluid, “living” experience. 


We come to know that grief stems not only from the loss of a loved one, but from the loss of anything that we have loved, prized, and deeply valued—whether it be our health, job, money, reputation, possessions, friendship, a relationship, a marriage, our youth, our looks, our cherished pets, or even the seeming loss of our collective humanity and our regard or disregard for Mother Earth—grief is the necessary and inevitable byproduct and the price we pay for having been given the gift of life. 


Please click here for more information about my Grief and Loss Life Coaching

Interested in scheduling a complimentary 15-minute discovery session? Contact me here. All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone, or via Zoom if you prefer.

*I am not a licensed grief counselor, grief therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you are at any stage in your grief process whereby your grief is overwhelming, rather than grief and loss coaching, and you feel so compelled, I recommend that you seek the guidance of a professional at that time. However, as you move beyond the acute stages and into the more “subtle” stages of your grief, and you’re feeling stuck, fearful, or unsure about how to navigate the road ahead, THAT is the perfect time to engage a life coach. 




If you have reached a crossroads on your journey through loss, ANY kind of loss that you can’t seem to navigate beyond—I CAN HELP ILLUMINATE THE WAY! 



A heartfelt story of recovery and healing, after the shocking and traumatic loss of losing a loved one to suicide. Moving, and inspirational.

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