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Powerful New Book 'Love Loss Light' Speaks to Those in Grief

Moving, inspirational publication from Karen Trench shares a heartfelt story of recovery from the shocking and traumatic loss of lifelong love.

[DENVER - July 19, 2019] – The long-awaited new book from Karen Trench, entitled Love Loss Light: Illuminating the Path through Grief is now available in paperback and ebook format from Amazon.

In the Spring of 2015, Karen Trench was enjoying life as a happily married wife to a charming, loving, and supportive husband. From the outside looking in, most would agree that Karen was truly living the 'good life', complete with a home in the Colorado Rockies and a loving partnership that knew no boundaries.

Karen's picture-perfect existence would be completely upended one day when Charlie, Karen's beloved husband, made the decision to end his own life.

No one could have predicted this.
No one could console Karen as she weathered this tragic, abrupt loss.
And no one but Karen will know the depths of despair she would have to go through in the aftermath of the loss of her best friend and copilot in life.

In the hours, days, and months that followed Charlie's death, Karen found herself awash in a sea of emotional struggles that tested her resolve like nothing she had ever faced before. However, even though she was mired in sadness following Charlie’s death, Karen immediately felt held, protected, and guided through the grieving process.  Granting this, it still took a full two years of counseling and coaching before she returned to writing again.

Renewal through Grief

As horrific and debilitating as Charlie's suicide was, it sent Karen on a journey of inner healing and outward understanding. Karen documented this journey in a journal that she kept with her at all times. In this journal, Karen expressed how she was feeling, what she was thinking, and how her perspectives on life, love, and the world were changing in time.

As Karen's life returned to some semblance of normalcy, she realized that within her journal she had amassed a trove of inspirational and empowering lessons that she knew she could use to help others. Karen's grief over Charlie's suicide had begun to transform into a passion for helping others to heal.

This started the creative process resulting in Karen Trench's masterpiece, Love Loss Light: Illuminating the Path through Griefavailable now.

[About the Author: Karen Trench is a survivor, mentor, and creative empath who lives in Colorado. She has devoted her life to helping others in their search for meaning and faith in the aftermath of extreme loss. Her new book is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with grief.]


Love Loss Light: Illuminating the Path through Grief is now available as an Amazon paperback or purchase the Kindle today at Ebook also available at Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.

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