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On Thursday May 28th, IndieReader, one of the original review services for self, hybrid, and independently published authors, announced the winners of their annual IR Discovery Awards (IRDAs) for 2020. Love Loss Light-Illuminating the Path Through Grief by Karen Trench won in the Aging/Death & Dying/Non-Fiction/Self-Help category.

IndieReader launched the IRDAs in 2011 to help notable authors receive the attention of top publishing professionals, with the goal of reaching more readers. Noted Amy Edelman, author and founder of IR, “The books that won the IRDAs this year are not simply great indie books; they are great books, period. We hope that our efforts via the IRDAs ensure that they receive the attention from the people who matter most. Potential readers.”

Past and present sponsors for the IRDAs include Amazon, Reedsy, Smith Publicity and NY-based literary agents Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. Judges have included publishes from Penguin Group USA and Simon & Schuster, agents from ICM, Dystel, publicists from Smith Publicity, and bloggers from GoodeReader.

LOVE LOSS LIGHT received the following verdict by IndieReader reviewers: “In the moment that tragedy strikes and grief and sorrow kick in with the full force of our fears and emotions, it seems like we may never pull ourselves out of that hole. And sometimes, we think we won’t ever want to. Author Karen Trench has been there and LOVE LOSS LIGHT is her gift back to the rest of us. The author uses her own experience to teach the lesson that loss feels terrible but is also universal and survivable. The book works no matter where you’re at: as validation if you’ve weathered the loss of a loved one, as comfort if you’re in the throes of processing your grief; and as reassurance if you’re simply dreading the inevitable.” LOVE LOSS LIGHT is a warm, kindly–written and generous effort to help those who have suffered a devastating loss find hope and growth through the full experience of the grieving process.”

“I extend my deepest gratitude to all of the IRDA 2020 judges for this wonderful honor. My fervent hope is that any publicity generated by LOVE LOSS LIGHT winning this prestigious, first-place award, will result in my story getting into the hands of more people who themselves are on their own, unique journey through profound loss and grief---and that it will provide them some measure of solace as they heal. Thank you!” —Karen Trench, Author


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