"A genuine, heartfelt, scathingly honest journey into the process of losing a soulmate, and the journey of loss, grief, reclamation, hope and love that comes with building a new life. For anyone dealing with the heartache of losing a loved one, I highly recommend it!"

-Tricia McCannon, author of
The Angelic Origins of the Soul,
Return of the Divine Sophia, and other books



First Place in Aging/Death & Dying Genre, 2020 Indie Reader Discovery Awards

Second Place in both Self-Help & Motivational/Inspirational Genres, 2019 CIPA EVVY Awards

First Place winner for Cover Illustration, 2019 CIPA EVVY Awards



Love Loss Light:

Illuminating the Path Through Grief

by Karen Trench

It's a day like any other...except it's not. For on this day, Karen gets the call that her beloved Charlie, her partner in work and life, is dead.


Suddenly, she is a widow so prostrate with grief that she can barely stand, let alone move forward. Yet Karen is determined to get up, because somewhere inside is a spark that tells her she is not alone—a knowing that God or Universe or whatever we think of as the presence that is greater than ourselves is there, somewhere, waiting for her to open the door and enter that welcoming light.


And so begins Karen's journey through grief and loss and into the light of what she thought she would never again know: joy. Each chapter tells the story of a blessing that reveals itself within the darkest depths of Karen's grief. From little acts of self-nurturing to creating a place of refuge, from willing inner strength into existence to understanding that being knocked down does not negate the other steps forward, from facing down the expectations of others to allowing herself to love again, Karen's story is a series of guideposts for every person's individual journey through grief.

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Grief never comes invited. It takes no effort on our part. We who bear grief didn’t stay up at night wishing it on ourselves, or wishing our dear ones to be so far away for so long. Grief finds us, along with the entourage of emotional, physical and spiritual changes that ensue. Yet despite the ubiquity of loss, it never seems to show up in predictable ways. [FROM FOREWORD, Love Loss Light]


Author, Grieving Mindfully, The Mindful Path Through Worry and Rumination, and Mindfulness for Prolonged Grief

One fine spring day in 2015, my beloved husband of twenty-three years took his own life. I’d had no warning. I was completely clueless. His sudden departure was utterly shocking and devastating. In truth, it almost destroyed me. In an effort to acknowledge and release my emotions, I began writing a grief journal to help me heal. My journal became the cornerstone of this book.

[CHAPTER I, Love Loss Light]


Author, Love Loss Light: Illuminating the
Path Through Grief




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Karen Trench never imagined that she would give up a successful career in television for anything, let alone for a log cabin high in the Colorado Rockies. Then again, she never thought she’d meet her soul mate, with whom she lived in those mountains, on and off, for two decades of blissful marriage. When she found herself a widow, a shocked survivor of her husband’s death, she could not have conceived that she would someday emerge from the wreckage a strong, happy, and emotionally empowered woman. Now she shares her story of Love Loss Light with a fervent prayer that it may be of service to her fellow travelers in grief.


Her journey continues online via her social media. Connect with Karen, she'd love to hear from you!